The Greenhorn's Biodiversity Project

Eliza Greenman (Biodiversity Director/Blog)
Eliza hails from the Tidewater region of Virginia, where she had a pet pig (who is now 19 years old) and spent her teenage years working at the local corner market selling bait, tackle and ice cream to many a crusty waterman. Years of daily exposure to the lives of watermen and their mantra that “fishing ain’t like it used to be” due to a declining fishery set the course for her lifelong journey to learn how to live and farm in balance with nature. Eliza graduated from Sewanee: The University of the South with a B.S in Forestry and later completed MOFGA’s Apprenticeship and Journeyperson programs to further her education in heirloom apple orcharding. Today she’s an organic orchardist, fruit explorer, nurserywoman, ruralist, story teller, advocate for the preservation of ancient and rare genetics, and director of biodiversity for the Greenhorns!

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